The Statement

Download the full SOGICE Survivor Statement here


A statement written by survivors of the LGBTQA+ Conversion movement and their allies, and endorsed by advocates, organisations and community groups that support, or are led by, LGBTIQA+ people of faith.

The SOGICE Survivor Statement calls on the Australian Government to join a growing number of jurisdictions across the world – Brazil, Ontario, Manitoba, Ecuador, Malta, Spain, Taiwan, New Jersey, California, Oregon, Illinois, Nevada, Washington, Hawaii, and even the Church of England – by intervening to stop the LGBTQA+ Conversion movement from harming LGBTQA+ Australians.

The SOGICE Survivor Statement has two parts. 1. Discussion – This outlines the history of the LGBTQA+ conversion movement, the various practices of the movement, the ideology that underpins almost all LGBTQA+ conversion practices, and the rationale for the recommendations of survivors. 2. Recommendations – This outlines our recommendations for addressing the LGBTQA+ conversion movement, preventing further harm, and supporting survivors. 

To read the full list of recommendations, please download the SOGICE Survivor Statement. A brief overview of some of the recommendations:

  • An inquiry into the extent and prevalence of the ex-gay/ex-trans/conversion movement in the experience of LGBTIQA+ Australians. 
  • Regulatory and legislative enforcement of the directives of Australian peak psychological and health bodies that prohibit the use of conversion practices by mental health professionals, including social workers, unregistered and registered health professionals, teachers and other professionals. 
  • Greater powers for health complaints and consumer affairs authorities to support the sufficient investigation of all claims of conversion practices.
  • A public health and awareness campaign to explicitly target those at risk of the movement’s influence and refute its key messages and assertions.
  • Modification of legislation to classify as vilification the assertion that trans, gender diverse, and same-sex attracted Australians are inherently disordered.
  • Protection of young Australians from SOGICE and the ex-gay/ex-trans/conversion movement’s practices and ideology.
  • Inclusion of compulsory content and clauses that systematically refute the ideology and practices associated with the conversion movement, with associated audit controls, in all tertiary courses that contain a counselling component.
  • Implementation of licensing and standards for counsellors through a government regulator to protect LGBTQA+ Australians from conversion practices.
  • Tighter regulation to prevent the promotion, broadcast and advertising of conversion practices and ideology. 
  • Funding for LGBTIQA+ and mental health organisations to boost public awareness of the conversion movement and support survivors.
  • Australian Governments must issue statements that clearly address and condemn the damaging ideology behind the ex-gay/ex-trans/conversion movement and sexual orientation and gender identity change efforts.
  • Applied research into specific faith and culturally diverse communities to develop culturally appropriate, evidence-based interventions that will raise awareness about the harm caused by conversion practices and support the development of best practice spiritual care for LGBTQA+ people.
  • A Redress Scheme for survivors of the LGBTQA+ conversion movement should be implemented to support survivors with costs such as psychological support for recovery, as well as compensation for suffering.

The statement and its recommendations has been endorsed by a growing list of community leaders and organisations including Amnesty International Australia, OutRight International, National LGBTI Health Alliance, ACON, and Thorne Harbour Health.

If you agree with the recommendations in the SOGICE Survivor Statement, please affirm it here.


On Friday 31st August 2018 (Wear It Purple Day), the SOGICE Survivor Statement was attached to the petition and sent to:
  1. Prime Minister Scott Morrison
  2. Federal Minister for Health Greg Hunt
  3. Shadow Federal Minister for Health Catherine King
  4. Opposition Leader Bill Shorten
  5. Deputy Prime Minister Michael McCormack
  6. Minister for Rural Health Bridget McKenzie
  7. Minister for Education and Training Dan Tehan
  8. Minister for Health Natasha Fyles (NT)
  9. Minister for Health Brad Hazzard (NSW)
  10. Minister for Mental Health Tanya Davies (NSW)
  11. Minister for Health Stephen Wade (SA)
  12. Minister for Health Jill Hennessy (Vic)
  13. Minister for Health Michael Ferguson (Tas)
  14. Minister for Health Roger Cook (WA)
  15. Minister for Health Meegan Fitzharris (ACT)
  16. …and many others

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